AirFair seaport transfers and much more in Swindon 
and the surrounding areas

Cancellation Policy

Normally we do not charge where the following is observed:

For outbound journeys to airports and seaports commencing within a 15 mile radius of Swindon, in the event that you wish to cancel, please give a minimum of 1 hour's notice, no charge. For less than 1 hour's notice a charge of up to £15.00 may apply where a car has already been dispatched. If you wish to delay your start, please advise within 1 hour of the pick-up time. No charge will apply.

Inbound to UK airport and seaports, we require a minimum of 3 hours' notice for short-haul/European (long-haul please advise as soon as you are aware that you will not make the flight), then no charge. Flight delays inbound - no charge. Otherwise a charge may apply where a car has been dispatched and the passenger is not on the flight.

Waiting time

On outbound collections where a car is despatched at a pre-booked time but the passenger is not ready, the following will apply:
  0-10 Minutes No Charge
Waiting Time 11-30 Minutes 10.00
  31 Minutes - 1 Hour 15.00
  Thereafter 15.00 per hour
AirFair in Swindon offers affordable private hire taxis for airport, seaport and Eurostar transfers. Call 
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